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Rated: PG-14
Duration: 22:54
Starring: fixgallery [0-0]

Lauren gets July so she makes it about our red white and blue. Teri is there cause she likes to help make her look her best.
Jolene thinks she was a good choice since she’s a wild force of nature. Maxine thinks she’s a good choice since she’s crazy, and 4th of July gets crazy. Holly Says she’s a good all-american girl. Lauren doesn’t really like shooting though, as she doesn’t think she’s good at it yet. Lauren has been with Scott (the photographer) for a long time now, and feels more confident about his direction and giving her opinions. He came up with the idea of throwing the colors of the flag at her with colored, cold milk. Piper says it’s her favorite pic in the calendar cause she looks like a beuatiful bad-ass. Teri liked how it looked like exploding fireworks behind her, making her look powerful. You could see how cold the liquid was.

Agatha was happy to have Richard as her photographer. Agatha’s costume was the chainmail underwear of a gladiator from an upcoming movie. She would rather be in a Harley Quinn costume for Halloween though, but is glad she got to do the gladiatrix theme in August. Both Maxine and Garcia say they’re also glad she got to do it, especially since nothing really happens in August. Agatha loves modelling, and it’s a great way to earn money. She also looks the location, as the desert looks very other-worldly and they got very lucky with the warm weather. People started driving up without invitation. Danielle says most LFC fighters see themselves as modern-day gladiators, so they can relate to her. Teri likes that her pictures tell a story. Agatha doesn’t mind being nude in public so long as she doesn’t get caught. A few truckers may have seen too much as there was some honking.