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Rated: PG-14
Duration: 21:27
Starring: fixgallery [0-0]

Jenn thinks she recognizes the photographer from the reality show, The Boy NeXXt Door. He was an aspiring pizza delivery boy who wants to direct porn. Jenn wants to be the dominant teacher you always wish you had. Danny’s girlfriend, also named Jenn, was really helpful and handled Jenn’s makeup. Maxine says she plans to have Jenn fight for us real soon. Jenn has been training hard and really wants to live up to everyone’s expectations. She was really excited to learn of our calendar and happy to take part. Jenn (the assistant) makes a crack about how tall Jenn is, asking what it’s like to see the top of the fridge. Jenn didn’t think it was normal for the couple to be so intimate during a shoot though. Jenn enjoys the fighting aspect of the LFC more than the modelling. Other girls find it a bit weird that Jenn is being a part of the calendar before she’s even been a part of the LFC, especially when other girls didn’t get to take part in the calendar, especially Andreea who has to share her month with 2 other fighters. Jenn says she actually trained to be a teacher for a while but gave it up.

Serina got October, and picked a snowboarding theme since she’s been doing it since she was 17 and it’s really personal to her. Serina was glad that the photographer was really hands-on, telling her how to pose, because as a girl she wants to look amazing. Jolene and Monica felt a Halloween theme would be more appropriate for October, but Maxine felt since they’re always dressing up in costumes it was a bit overdone. Serina loves the outdoors so much that she moved to British Columbia to be outdoor more. Maxine doesn’t even like the idea of living in the same province as her, but has to live with it as she can’t control the province as she once did the LFC. Teri has also started snowboarding so she loves the idea of Serina doing it too. Piper loves the pictures, especially the sideboob. She is not alone.