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Rated: PG-14
Duration: 22:11
Starring: fixgallery [0-0]

Piper wasn’t surprised Maxine gave herself a month in the calendar due to her narcissism, Jolene, Holly and Teri feel the same way, but Lauren feels that as the boss, Maxine is free to do whatever she wants. Monica also defends Maxine saying that she works hard so she deserves a month. Maxine still holds a grudge after LFC24 [0-0] and threatens Piper. Jokes are made at the photographer’s expense, who has a random cat on his back. Maxine loved the cat though, despite getting scratched up. Maxine was glad women were present to stop the photographer from making her look too slutty, or too snotty. Teri feels the pictures ended up looking disappointing as Maxine could have looked hotter. Ironically Maxine picked November to make herself look colder, and had sugar put on her eyebrows to make them look frosted. Serina was surprised that Maxine was almost naked in the pics. Danielle thought those pics were quite brave and was surprised as Maxine is normally quite conservative. In the end, Maxine liked her pics.

Lauren Fogle was happy to be working with Teri despite fighting her in the ring. Outside of the ring, they’re friends. Jolene was a bit upset Lauren got to be in 2 months when other girls didn’t get to be in any. Maxine explains it was cause of some last minute cancellations that shifted her plans around. Lauren goofed around and played with Teri’s balls. Lauren breaks the sad news that her cat had cancer and lost a leg, but seems to be getting around just fine. With Lauren as a sexy elf (not a sexy Vulcan), she used christmas lights to tie up Teri as Mrs. Claus. Jolene was predicting the outrage crowd would jump all over this. Teri found it ironic that an elf was the one ordering Santa around. Maxine says she thinks the calendar is a good way to give something extra to the fans who have been bugging her for one for a long time. Teri felt a bit ignored by the photographer who kept focussing on Lauren, giving her more tips and showing her more pics. Though Jolene felt bad that Teri was being dominated in her month. Teri was worried she had no sex appeal. Serina disagreed with that assessment