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Rated: PG-14

Duration: 23:31

Starring: fixgallery [0-0]

Tomiko and Bella talk about how they felt for their first fights, and other fighters are excited for them. Everyone is super supportive of each other back stage, even if they have to beat the crap out of each other on the stage. Jenny and Andreea do not like the new announcer and want A.J. back. Jenny is sizing up her new competitor and is a bit worried at her size, but feels she has her and gives Jessica a stare-down. Jessie was a bit worried for Jessica as a new-comer going against someone so strong. Jenny is a bit offended at the notion that she was the one trying to untie Jessica’s lingerie when the video footage clearly showed it was the other way around. Bella, Tomiko and Monica were all surprised as that someone would even attempt to strip their competitor. Jessie says Joel won’t acknowledge that she has the skill to be a good coach, and hints he’ll have a run-in with a pool someday soon. In the end, Jenny is happy to get her first win.

Holly is glad Maxine was deposed and says it was a long time coming. Jolene also expected it as everyone seemed to have a beef with her. Others were a bit surprised as they had a high opinion of her. Almost everyone is optimistic of Holly replacing her, except Monica who isn’t sure she’s ready. Holly says she intends to be more fair than Maxine, and shows off our 100,000 Youtube subscriber silver play button. Which thanks to all of you, we have 40 million views. The girls are quite proud of it.

Jenn is a bit worried for Teri’s injury that even the announcers could notice as she wasn’t as athletic during her intro as usual. Holly feels she shouldn’t have even fought, but Teri loves fighting so much that she decided to grin and bear it. Teri says she was attacked in a parking lot, and suspects who went Tonya Harding on her leg. Jenn felt great on her way to the cage. But the fight got called off as it was obvious Teri shouldn’t be out there. Jessie was relieved for Teri, and Holly was worried she would have ended up worse for wear. Bella didn’t think it was fair for Jenn to get the win by default, but Teri says she’ll be back. In the closing moments, Jenn denies involvement in the attack.