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Rated: PG-14

Duration: 20:30

Starring: fixgallery [0-0]
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Continuing from the previous episode where Teri was disqualified due to an injury, Teri is still upset over Jenn’s gloating and still suspects Jenn was involved in the attack. To add insult to injury, Teri got carried out of the ring like a baby by a ring boy, when she would have preferred something like an egyptian queen. The girls found having ring boys a welcome change of pace, but the announcers, the audience, and even Bella Ink disagreed, and will thankfully never be seen again. Going back to the fight, Jenn hopes to actually earn her next victory.

Tomiko was happy for the response her intro got from the audience. She was a bit embarrassed at her lingerie, but more so for Shelly saying it looked like she was asking for a wardrobe malfunction with something so flimsy, and felt confident she could take Shelly down. Tomiko loved being introduced by the announcer though. Once the fight began, Tomiko picked Shelly up like a sack of potatoes but didn’t get to take advantage of it. For round 2, both Tomiko and the announcers felt Shelly was fighting dirty. For round 3, Tomiko felt she did a lot better. Holly was surprised at how well Tomiko held her own. Bella felt Tomiko was amazing. As Tomiko predicted, Shelly was having trouble keeping her outfit on, and Tomiko felt maybe it was deliberate to get the favor of the judges, as it happens quite often. Tomiko and Jessie Santos were confident Tomiko would win, but to their dismay, Shelly won and was a real poor sport about it too. Holly and Andreea were not impressed. Then a fight broke out in the ring, and Leon tossed Tomiko aside which earned him a suspension. And Shelly got one for her repeated unsportsmanlike behaviour.