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Rated: PG-14
Duration: 23:44
Starring: fixgallery [0-0]

Jolene remembers how despite multiple reminders, she forgot her championship belt and had to run back to get it. And then talks about how she loved how the last event was at a bar, which was very convenient for them after the fight. Bella Ink was initially intimidated by Jolene. Jolene thought she was a ring girl, till she was told we had ring boys this time. Jenn is glad Bella is on her team. Bella may have enjoyed being searched a bit too much, and was not impressed with Jolene’s lingerie. Jolene however was quite impressed with Bella’s, especially the wardrobe malfunctions. Both fighters were trying to intimidate each other during the intense stare-down. Bella started the fight with a flying kick to the mid-section, which surprised Jolene, Andreea and Holly. Jolene was also impressed with her boobs. Taking the first round as a warning, Jolene didn’t underestimate Bella for the second round, and then proceeded to grant the wishes of many in the audience and sat on her face. Bella was stuck and decided to tap out. And then a fight broke out between Jolene and Andreea.

Holly explains that she picked Allie for the title fight because she didn’t want to give it to a newbie. She wanted to give it to someone who rose up through the ranks. She wanted a legendary fight. Monica was excited to fight Allie even though they are friends. Monica also loved the expressions and attention she got during her intro, which made her night better. She was also impressed with Allie’s outfit and thinks she made it herself. Allie did not get a positive welcome. Monica could not be intimidated by Allie and tried to stop herself from laughing because she knows Allie is so nice and sweet. Monica loves the idea of ring boys, and the girls getting some eye-candy. Allie was quite quick on her feet which helped negate Monica’s size advantage. Allie went full Black Widow on her, doing the whole flying scissor kick around her head. The audience was almost as stunned as Monica was. Tomiko remarked on how glad she was that Allie was on her team, which meant she didn’t have to face her any time soon. Monica was surprised that Allie was declared the winner and thought it was a mistake or a prank, and felt the chains she got for winning would have looked better on herself cause the chains were so big that it looked like they were wearing Allie, as opposed to Allie wearing the chains.