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Rated: PG-14
Duration: 23:23
Starring: fixgallery [0-0]

Big changes for LFC27 [0-0]. Maxine Frost was released from her position as President, replaced by Holly Mei. Joel Kane and Leon Hater were both absent. (Kane’s whereabouts are unknown, Hater suspended for throwing Tomiko and assaulting Santos in LFC26 [0-0]). Allie Parks filling in for Kane. Andreea Vladoi filling in for Hater. And we have a new LFC Films logo.

Tomiko liked going to the Tattoo parlor that was sponsoring the event. Jenny doesn’t like tattoos though, she says she has scars to tell her story.
Bella likes the tattoo theme as she has enough that the event is practically about her now. Jolene feels the same about herself. Andreea is happy that A.J. is back, and agrees with Holly suspending Hater. Monica is iffy about fighting in a ring as opposed to a cage though. Lauren has known Jesebella for years, so she was looking forward to their match. Holly and Jolene felt Lauren got lucky by getting a brand new, inexperienced competitor. Tomiko was disappointed that we abandoned the ring boys, but she was the only one. Everyone else happy to have the girls back. It’s been a year since Lauren fought last, so she had to come out strong and finished it with a choke hold and stuck it to Vladoi.

Holly explains that she chose the venue because she wanted a brighter venue after the dark and gloomy Nerd Bar. Bella didn’t know how to take that she was going to fight Jenevieve Hexxx, who recently changed her name to one a little too close to Jolene Hexx. Bella certainly didn’t like that Jenevieve came out with a snake, as like many others she has a phobia of them. She chose a two-piece outfit this time, one she hoped wouldn’t come off as easily as last time. The staredown between Hexxx and Ink was less intense as Ink’s last one, owing to a more similar stature in height. In LFC27, Bella had a back sprain, so she was hoping to do better this time. Ink completely forgot about the rules and starting yanking her hair, and finishing it with a spank. Mei was not impressed. Andreea says we probably have a spank per event. Bella continued on strong, pinning her from the back, forcing her to tap out. Giving Bella her first win.