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Rated: R
Duration: 21:39
Starring: fixgallery [0-0]

Female bonding is often made easier when it involves shopping for clothes, and that is just what Teri London [0-0] and Brooke Gilley [0-0] do during the opening scene of the latest episode. Kudos to the clothing store that set up shop at a bike rally and made it seem business as usual for event-goers. Teri, who is the referee for the card due to her match with Jenn Repp [0-0] being cancelled, advises Brooke on how to guard against any wardrobe malfunctions in her LFC debut against Suzy Quinn [0-0].

Jonny Tumbleweed, filling in as ring announcer, leaves his unique imprint on the LFC. With Teri overseeing the action, Brooke and Suzy open the show with the hope of something great from two new competitors. The first round is back-and-forth, with both fighters vying for the edge. In the second round, the physically bigger Brooke decides to exert some pressure and uses her trademark move – the guillotine – to dispatch Quinn, leaving her foe defeated and bleeding from the nose.