We’re announcing today that we have renewed with Viewer Prime to carry the second season of the league’s reality series LFC: Exposed!

“We had a great experience working with Viewer Prime and heard from lots of fans who said they really enjoyed catching up on the first season of our reality series,” CEO Shaun Donnelly says. “So it seemed like a natural choice to offer Season 2 the same way.”

Viewer Prime is a subscription based streaming platform that offers premium original programming for a nominal monthly fee. VP’s Business Development Director Thomas Calise says they were eager to work with LFC because the content is unique and appeals to a very large audience. He adds, “LFC shares Viewer Prime’s business philosophy: give viewers more than they paid for.”

LFC Exposed! pulls back the curtain and takes viewers behind the scenes of the world’s most controversial MMA league. In the second season fighters and coaches prepare for LFC’s first ever Halloween show, making their way to the 4 Bears Casino in North Dakota for LFC22: Costume Brawl. “They say it’s the journey not the destination,” Donnelly recalls, “and it was a pretty wild journey for a couple of the fighters.” GSP cousin Danielle St. Pierre catches a ride with the LFC Prez and learns first hand of Frost’s plot to fire Coach Joel Kane. Meanwhile Kane is lucky his new fighter is also a nurse when he has a medical emergency on a deserted stretch of highway. And things only get wilder when everyone arrives and learn some of their costumes have been replaced for copyright reasons.

“At Viewer Prime our goal is to keep subscribers engaged and entertained,” Calise adds, “and LFC Exposed! certainly does both! Whether you’re already a fan or this is your first exposure to LFC you’ll want to binge watch both seasons..”

Viewer Prime is currently offering a free trial. Simply go to www.viewerprime.com and enter promo code LFC. Season 1 is streaming currently while Season 2 will be available starting May 12.