What made you want to pursue a career in Mixed Martial Arts?

In 2013 , I started to learn Jiu Jitsu, just like all the black belt coaches say Jiu Jitsu change your life, After I learned Muay Thai then I soon fell in love with MMA that a charming confrontational movement.

How did you get involved with Phuket Top Team and talk about your training overall with Phuket?

I came to Phuket Top Team for the first time in 2014. The sunshine in Thailand is very bright and people are very friendly. I started from MMA zero base and in 2017 I officially became a sponsored professional MMA fighter of Phuket Top Team . I have learned a lot here and everyone is happy to help me. Phuket Top Team there are very good Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ,boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai and MMA comprehensive training, which will improve my skills quickly.

There are a lot of tie ins with MMA and Pro Wrestling from your ken shamrock’s, Brock lesnar’s, Tank Abbott’s, Ronda Rousey’s and more have had both careers in MMA and Pro Wrestling. What do you think of the MMA-Pro Wrestling Tie Ins overall?

In China a lot of people think that MMA is a real fight, pro wrestling is a fake, but after I participated in the week of pro wrestling training, I feel that they are two different styles of martial arts. the pro wrestling is a bit like Chinese martial arts, It is show to their audience Technology, and with the plot and gorgeous dress, as well as language and physical confrontation, more entertaining.

You have had amazing bouts in MMA From Violet to Xiao zing sent to Karimova Sabina, Alyssa Garcia , and more. Thoughts on those bouts and working with those fighters overall?

At present, my professional MMA record is 13-3. Among my opponents, there are those who are good at Muay Thai, and who are good at wrestling, fighting or karate. In the MMA fighting , the winer not only good at one technology. You must expertise can be used to win, have to systematically learn MMA technology. I am constantly trying to do better, to make my own technology more perfect, and to use my skills to perform better in the fighting.

Lingerie Fighting Championships, A company which accentuates the fighters for the beautiful and athletic women that they are and is Women’s Mixed Martial Arts Company . My question to you is would you be interested in fighting on one of their shows and your thoughts on the company overall?

I saw the news about the LFC on the Internet for the first time in 2016. At that time, as a beganner of MMA who like the cages and ring , I was very eager to have the opportunity to participate in the LFC competition. Most female MMA fighters and Kick Boxing fighters in China have a tendency to be masculine. They lose the beauty and sexy part of women for competition and training. I was favored by the Chinese MMA event by relying on the promotion of women’s dress and social platform . I got a lot of invitations and became a professional MMA fighter in 2017. I think that MMA is a competitive sport that helps many women and enhances their self-confidence. I like the event and company of LFC. Women who participate in the competition not only show the strength and the courage and the charm , also show the possession of confidence, sensuality, and beauty. If there is an opportunity, I am very willing to participate in the LFC event, I hope that LFC will have the opportunity to promote it in China. Let more women know that each of us can become more confident, beautiful and powerful.

If you could give advice to any female that wants to pursue a career in Mixed Martial Arts What Advice would you give them?

First of all, MMA is a competitive sport that allows us to improve our health and self-confidence while saving ourselves in times of crisis. But I don’t advocate using MMA skills to fight the people around us. Men are stronger than ours. When we encounter armed robbers, we must quickly escape. MMA is a competitive sport. If you want to be a superwoman, you need to learn more deadly skills. Therefore, women who want to learn MMA must be think clear. You are learning a competitive sport. If you are in a crisis situation, please escape rationally and call 911.

Please Promote Your Social Media where people can find you and thank you very much for your time Mia.

I am very grateful to LFC for attention and expectation to me. Thanks to MR Larkin for interviewing me. Thanks to everybody, I hope that I would like to meet you in LFC as soon as possible. have a good day ~

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