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Veronica Payne [0-0] fought smartly against one of the LFC’s most dynamic and offensively minded threats — Jenny Valentine [0-0] — and literally pushed her over the edge and into a disqualification at LFC31 [0-0]. Trained in hand-to-hand combat, Veronica does best when the action is at close range. Ever since her debut, where she showed quick thinking and shrewd decision-making skills, fans have asked about her return. She is here now, taking on a rookie — Lauren Ceccarelli [0-0] — that aims to disrupt ‘The VP’. Veronica, a heady performer, will surely not make it easy for the newcomer or anyone else who tries to best her.

Next to enter the LFC arena to capture fans and wins alike, is Lauren Ceccarelli. She grew up in the Bay Area where her dad and brother served in the US marines. You can say Lauren has a propensity for fighting with combat in her genes. As a former ballet student, it is strange to think that something as sublime as ballet would make a person want to fight. There is no denying that ‘The Adventuress’ has a quick temper that you mess with at your peril. The LFC is the perfect landing spot for this grappler with a dominant and lanky physique. This match-up is definitely not short on excitement or the potential for something shockingly unexpected to happen. Make sure you tune in!