Her name is Angelica La Sala, the fighting pride of Cagliari, from the island of Sardinia in Italy. She will be the first Sardinian to participate in the world of Lingerie Fighting Championships as a prospect.

“I am the only Sardinian in competition. The Italians are few, probably two others on the roster, which I will likely have to challenge,” explains Angelica.

Her battle name is Ko: “Ko is an Italian boxer who combines strikes with a mixture of destructive martial arts,” as described on her official bio on the LFC’s website. Her hot Italian blood makes her want to conquer the world, and she has her eyes laser focused on the title.

Inspired by her mentor, world boxing champion Paul Malignaggi, she describes herself as “almost invincible,” and states that her sweetness and nastiness create a very dangerous combination.

When she fights, she is very cruel and her techniques are deadly. If she decides to grab you with her legs, “you can only ask for mercy.”

Lingerie Fighting Championships is an American sports league that matches women from all around the world for a chance to compete in the cage in nothing but lingerie and 4oz gloves. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is not yet known when the next competition will take place. In the meantime, all that remains is to wait for the fighting to begin.

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