T’Bella was kind enough to take some time out of her day to answer questions for fans. Please enjoy this exclusive interview. Now we bring to you, Q&A with {T’Bella Madisyn}:


LFC: What would it mean to you to fight in the LFC?

T’Bella: This would mean the world to me, being able to fight and also look cute at the same time… I’m so ready to be a villain. LMAO

LFC: When and why did you start training?

T’Bella: I started training young and did Taekwondo. I also took training courses to be a kickboxing instructor.

LFC: What martial arts are you trained in?

T’Bella: I’m trained in Kickboxing and Taekwondo.

LFC: Any ranks, titles or accomplishments in competition?

T’Bella: My ranks aren’t current – except for my certifications in kickboxing and sports medicine.

LFC: What is your current training schedule like?

T’Bella: I am in the gym 5 days a week. Soon, I will be training 3-4 times a week with a fighting coach.

LFC: Who do you want to fight most?

T’Bella: The champions — especially Jolene — because they have the belts and the Rebel Princess wants those and needs those. LOL

LFC: Who do you want to fight least?

T’Bella: I’m not sure who I’d want to fight the least. I really want to fight Katie Forbes; both her and Jolene will be a challenge, and I’m good with that, but I’ll go through anyone to get those belts.

LFC: What strengths do you bring to the league?

T’Bella: Energy, strength, fun, and badassness. LOL

LFC: What weaknesses do you have to work on?

T’Bella: Just refreshing and learning a little more MMA/Wrestling, but I’m a fast learner.

LFC: Favorite grappling technique?

T’Bella: The sprawl, definitely.

LFC: Favorite striking technique?

T’Bella: Tiger claw.

LFC: Finishing move?

T’Bella: Triangle-choke or crane-kick.



LFC: Can you describe yourself in one sentence?

T’Bella: I have an addicting personality and am crazy AF!

LFC: If you weren’t a fighter what would you be doing?

T’Bella: I would be furthering my studies to be a physician (I plan to eventually but that could change).

LFC: What is your most recent fashion-related purchase?

T’Bella: Most recent fashion purchase is a coach bag and a cute one piece for pictures. Moschino ??

LFC: What are your biggest pet peeves?

T’Bella: Rude people and inconsiderate people.

LFC: What makes you laugh the most?

T’Bella: This is hard because I’m goofy; definitely gassy videos or bloopers of people falling. I laugh when I fall too ?‍♀️ Maybe I shouldn’t have answered that. LMAO

LFC: Do you have any heroes?

T’Bella: Heroes? Not really, except my mom, she’s strong through everything.

LFC: What other things are you involved in?

T’Bella: I have a medi-spa. I do beauty treatments and massage therapy as well as sports medicine; and I model and my kids activities

LFC: What is the meaning of life to you?

T’Bella: Being happy and content with yourself, knowing your only competition is the one in the mirror. Life is too short to try to be what others want. Live for yourself and love you. We have one life, gotta live it to the fullest.



LFC: Favorite food?

T’Bella: Sancocho or pizza.

LFC: Favorite band/music?

T’Bella: I like all types but ‘In This Moment’ at the time being.

LFC: Favorite movie/tv show?

T’Bella: Anything vampire related.

LFC: Favorite video game?

T’Bella: COD Zombies.

LFC: Favorite book?

T’Bella: The mastery of love.

LFC: Favorite character?

T’Bella: Vegeta (he’s my secret boyfriend). Such a badass!

LFC: Favorite place to travel?

T’Bella: Anywhere exotic.

LFC: Favorite activity?

T’Bella: Photography and hitting the gym.

LFC: Favorite quote?

T’Bella: I’m like a drug, get addicted (probably a bad quote LMAO).

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