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An Exclusive Interview By A.C. Mann

As the world grasps with information overload of what a new reality may look like, some areas of life are slowly re-emerging. There is a guarded optimism that things will be all right and that we will be stronger, wiser, and more appreciative of the things we may have taken for granted. Included in this awakening; are those who have entertained and inspired us all: the fighters of LFC. This is just a short look into what some of our fighters have gone through. The LFC team is thankful for their time to thoughtfully recount what the last few months have meant.

Quarantine Questions with Agatha Carter [0-0]

A.C.: How have you been keeping busy during this unfortunate downtime?

Agatha: I’ve been working and working out a lot.

A.C.: Are you able to train sufficiently?

Agatha: Yes. I still train and use a bag. No complaints on that. I love to run as well.

A.C.: Have you (or anyone you know) been affected in any way by the Coronavirus?

Agatha: No one I know has had it for sure. Some think they may have.

A.C.: Have you found a new hobby with all the free time?

Agatha: Body-painting myself!

A.C.: Any immediate plans after the restrictions are lifted?

Agatha: Travel!

A.C.: Are you in contact with any of your teammates?

Agatha: Yes. Jolene Hexx and I train a lot.

A.C.: What do you miss the most about the LFC?

Agatha: I miss beating people up for the sake of entertainment.

A.C.: What are your LFC expectations going forward?

Agatha: To get back in that ring and win.

A.C.: How do you see things changing in sports or life in general after this is all over?

Agatha: Maybe more remote viewing of events.

A.C.: Have your fans shown their appreciation for you during this inactive period?

Agatha: Always, and I appreciate them.

A.C.: Anything you want to say to your fans?

Agatha: These legs were made for squeezing and I’ll be back with my insane scissor holds ASAP.

A.C.: Is there anything you have learned about yourself or others while we wait for things to return to normal?

Agatha: My life has not been too different, other than taking the necessary safety precautions. I’m glad more people have learned the importance of hygiene and personal space.

A.C.: Any funny quarantine stories you want to share?

Agatha: I put a stuffed elephant in a scissor hold.

A.C: Anything else you want your fans to know about you? Upcoming events, social media, promos, etc.

Agatha: My insta is @selenasqueezesg and I’m available for Skype sessions and custom videos if anyone misses seeing me in action.