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An Exclusive Interview By A.C. Mann

As the world grasps with information overload of what a new reality may look like, some areas of life are slowly re-emerging. There is a guarded optimism that things will be all right and that we will be stronger, wiser, and more appreciative of the things we may have taken for granted. Included in this awakening; are those who have entertained and inspired us: the fighters of LFC. This is just a short look into what some of our fighters have gone through. The LFC team is thankful to them for taking time to thoughtfully recount what the last few months have meant.

Quarantine Questions with Tomiko Tajima [0-0]

A.C.: How have you been keeping busy during this unfortunate downtime?

T.T.T.: I have been doing workouts at the park 6 days a week, shooting for my online store as well as custom videos on Wednesdays at my house, cleaning the house, organizing my office, doing landscaping, reading, and just things to keep me focused and active.

A.C.: Are you able to train sufficiently?

T.T.T.: With no gym and access to any rings, I have had no way of training for fighting except the strength training and cardio I do at the park.

A.C.: Have you (or anyone you know) been affected in any way by the Coronavirus?

T.T.T.: Myself, family, and friends are all safe and healthy; work unfortunately has had a terrible hit on everyone I know. Not getting the income I am used to making has made it hard, but I just adapt to the situation as does everyone else I know.

A.C.: Have you found a new hobby with all the free time?

T.T.T.: I was invited to be a part of a zoom wine party where we make crafts. I am not a very crafty person, so this should be interesting to see how I do with my first zoom party on Friday. LOL!

A.C.: Any immediate plans after the restrictions are lifted?

T.T.T.: I will be getting back to my trainer, gym, and setting up appointments with my hair salon, nails, etc. I am the product so I need to make sure that I look my best.

A.C.: Are you in contact with any of your teammates?

T.T.T: I have had contact with a few through text and emails.

A.C.: What do you miss the most about the LFC?

T.T.T.: I miss the fans. I really enjoy fighting in front of them and I miss the girls that I work with. They are a great group of gals.

A.C.: What are your LFC expectations going forward?

T.T.T.: I am hoping that we can move forward and set up future fighting events. With there being so much uncertainty in the air, I am wondering when this will happen and if our lives will ever be normal again.

A.C.: How do you see things changing in sports or life in general after this is all over?

T.T.T.: I see huge changes. I anticipate that there will be hand sanitation everywhere and that it is possible that temperatures will be taken at big events. It will definitely not be the same as before.

A.C.: Have your fans shown their appreciation for you during this inactive period?

T.T.T.: I am so grateful to my fans. They have helped me in so many ways from kind emails, checking on my well-being, purchasing clips from my online stores, ordering custom videos from me, and even joining my onlyfans.com/tomiko_1 to show their support. It warms my heart, and I feel so fortunate to have a fan base.

A.C.: Anything you want to say to your fans?

T.T.T.: Thank you for being a fan and your kindness. I appreciate it more than you know and am eternally grateful.

A.C.: Is there anything you have learned about yourself or others while we wait for things to return to normal?

T.T.T.: I have learned not to take things for granted and to appreciate things even more.

A.C.: Any funny quarantine stories you want to share?

T.T.T.: I was going stir crazy one day, so I video’d myself wearing high heels and boxing gloves with my robe on. I fumbled with getting the robe off while wearing my gloves and then proceeded to dance around the room in my heels. :)

A.C.: Anything else you want your fans to know about you? Upcoming events, social media, promos, etc…

T.T.T.: All upcoming events I had scheduled have been cancelled, so I have nothing set up for the future at this time. If they would like to join my onlyfans.com/tomiko_1, I post on there daily. Behind the scenes, blast from the past, etc… I have been posting things that I won’t post on any social media so that they exclusively feel special for being a member of my onlyfans.