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An exclusive interview by A.C. Mann

#FOMO — fear-of-missing out — seems so well-suited to this era of social media, social networking and social distancing.

The much anticipated debut of Sheena at LFC30 [0-0] in Sturgis, was halted when her Visa was denied access to the USA.

Her case, emblematic of the times we are witnessing, is disheartening for her and for the fans of LFC.

Her absence was not based on anything having to do with her ability or marketability, instead, the pandemic that is sweeping the world by storm. Putting her LFC career on hold, to the disappointment of many.

She is an elite competitor who has zeroed in on the LFC, with laser focus and one goal in mind: the much coveted LFC belt.

The fact that life is sometimes randomly unfair has made Sheena sit-out, wait, and wonder when her time will come. When she can show the LFC fans what Sheena’s world has to offer.

“I am like a tower that has been built for over 20 years and is becoming more and more magnificent and powerful.”

Sheena was gracious enough to answer some questions for us.

A.C.: What was the official decision that prevented you from participating at LFC30?

Sheena: Unfortunately, Corona again. Europe and the USA began to argue openly and make entry difficult for each other. This then culminated in the fact that both sides closed the borders completely for tourists. Unfortunately entry or participation in the event was made completely impossible. This is still the same state of affairs to this day :(

A.C.: How disappointed were you?

Sheena: Yes, of course it was and is a serious setback. This crap has been going on for months and especially in the USA there is absolutely no end in sight. On the contrary, it could get even worse in the autumn. That is very demotivating and really gnaws at your nerves. Unfortunately for everyone and everything – a very bitter situation.

A.C.: Could you sense that there was excitement from the LFC fan base to see you fight?

Sheena: In any case, I can answer that with a yes. Especially on Instagram, very positive feedback can be felt. The LFC has a very good reputation and the level of awareness is growing steadily, and people reacted very euphorically whenever my name was mentioned in connection with the league. This is still the case today. I am really looking forward to it :)

A.C.: Do you expect to be at the next event?

Sheena: Let’s put it this way, I REALLY HOPE SO. I’m more than ready, but unfortunately this huge, imaginary blockade between our continents is absolutely insurmountable. I could make a diplomat or ambassador my slave, maybe he can help me decisively, haha. In any case, I’m ready and just waiting for entry to be possible, then I’ll come and dominate :-)

A.C.: With your dedication to training, do you feel that you are only getting better and will be even more formidable at a future event?

Sheena: Oh, yes, definitely. I am like a tower that has been built for over 20 years and is becoming more and more magnificent and powerful. My fighting skills are becoming more and more pronounced. I am also working on my fitness level every single day. So, in five years, I’ll be a much more dangerous weapon than I already am!!!

A.C.: Will you be watching LFC 30 to size up the competition?

Sheena: Yes, I will definitely do that. I want to get good impressions and prepare accordingly. Research is important and, above all, the entertainment factor is very high. So I’m guaranteed to watch, cheer and analyze :)

A.C.: Would you like to say anything to the fans?

Sheena: You have to be there for the next edition, enjoy the show, admire the women, support the organizers. And very soon, a whirlwind comes from Europe, and will teach the already active women a lesson. I’m really looking forward to all of you and really hope that I can celebrate my premiere soon :)