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An Exclusive Interview By A.C. Mann

The intersection between MMA talent and the LFC is a vibrant and seamless one. With keen eyes, the experienced team at the LFC knows what works for the brand and for the fans. Currently, the LFC is courting a rising star, clearing the road for her to join the ranks of the best lingerie fighters in the world. With a power game rivaled by very few, the LFC welcomes the fan favorite, Sheena.

The native of Hungary is a testament to natural strength and dedicated training. Her session fans marvel at the power and energy that Sheena brings to the table. They are fortunate enough to witness her development as a technical wrestler and now we will see her gifts displayed on the big stage: The LFC. Sheena is very quick on the uptake; learning new moves in America, adding more tools to her skill sets developed in Europe. That is a scary proposition, considering she was an under 23 European Judo Champion who holds a black belt. At 5’4″ and 140 pounds of pure muscle, Sheena evokes fear in any who’s dare to cross her path (the LFC has no weight division which is even scarier for future opponents). The landscape of all things LFC will only benefit from having her compete at this at our prestigious organization.

Sheena, who is competing at the Arnold Sports Festival this month, took time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions. Also, to get a good idea of what she is like and how her winning personality makes her even more formidable, listen to her on the LFC Podcast hosted by Michael Larkin.

A.C.: Sheena, first question, do you see the LFC on the horizon for you?

Sheena: The LFC is not only on the horizon for me, I have a clear focus on it. I studied the league, watched clips, absorbed the spirit. It is a very specific goal for me and I see it as a great opportunity and another milestone in my martial arts life.

A.C.: How do you feel about the LFC’s style/brand?

Sheena: The league has a very simple, but highly efficient style. Modern gladiatorialism, packed in an incredibly beautiful envelope. Today’s warriors are busty, beautiful, and incredibly aggressive. There are many very talented women in the league who could take any average man to the afterlife. None of them should be underestimated and it is extremely exciting to feel Mortal Kombat Spirit in real life with a purely female phalanx of fighters.

A.C.: Is there a fighter you would like to match up with?

Sheena: It is very exciting how different fighting styles come together in the LFC, but when I look through the current fighters, two women stand out for me. Monica Garcia [0-0], because Mexicans have a reputation for being very determined and never give up and I would really like to see a battle like this. And further I want to call out Jolene Hexx [0-0]. We’ve never met, but I have known her name for a long time. That sounds exciting and I think we can learn a lot from each other. And she has the European Title that I would very much like to take from her. I am European and therefore I am entitled to this! ;)

A.C.: How important is the support of your fans? Will they follow you to the LFC?

Sheena: My fans come from a wide variety of countries, professions and social classes. I have received requests from the Maldives, Montenegro or Australia. In my active judo career, I was primarily cheered on by Hungarians. Fortunately, I am now well connected to the world and get great feedback from retirees and teenagers. I think a good part will definitely follow me to the LFC, because I am already doing very diverse activities and the fans are very interested in everything I have to offer. The LFC is now a completely new topic, which will be very interesting for many.

A.C.: Can you offer us any thoughts on The Arnold Classic?

Sheena: I participated in bodybuilding competitions two years ago but on a smaller scale and with very little experience. This time I know the conditions, the training methods, the requirements and much more. I trained very hard for a few months and am now pleased to present this to the public. Arnold is a great, huge, and highly professionally organized event, and I can’t wait to go to Ohio. As always, my expectations are high and I hope to be able to achieve my goals.

A.C.: How is training going?

Sheena: My training is now at an absolute peak and I am very happy with what I have achieved. It was a hard, sometimes arduous journey, but my body is full of strength and muscles and I feel ready to face the audience and the judges. After Arnold I will also take part in three other tournaments, but Arnold is definitely the biggest one. I have achieved my goals and can only encourage everyone to try. The body is a temple and bikini wellness has nothing to do with pure, semi- feminine muscle mountains, but emphasizes the advantages of beautiful, fit and curvy women.

A.C.: Any thoughts on the LFC Champion, Andreea Vladoi [0-0], who is also European?

Sheena: Romania is a neighboring country to Hungary, my home state. So close yet so far. The mentality is very different. I don’t know her at all, but her previous history sounds very exciting and Wushu is also something very new for me. I have been involved in many martial arts every day, but very little with Wushu. I think I’m stronger than her, but I take her very seriously. My father has already taught me never to underestimate an opponent, I always kept that. I think a match between us would be very technical and anything is possible. From the complete dominance of one of the fighters to a very short match, everything is possible. In any case, I rate her as someone who is 100% focused on the sporting aspects and tries to eliminate the opponent. I am excited and warned.

A.C.: Have you made any resolutions this New Year?

Sheena: I really had a great year 2019 and would be happy to be able to maintain this level and to top it off to conquer the LFC ;-)

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-A.C. Mann

Sheena, the epitome of Beauty, Strength and Dominance

Check her out on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sheenawrestler