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Fans were passionate about making this match-up a reality and voted them in: Sheena ‘The Hungarian Hurricane’ Bathory (0-0) and ‘Sinister’ Shay Lynn (0-0) will square off at LFC35 [0-0] on Halloween.

The mere mention of Sheena’s name will cause fear in most fighters. She is a 3rd dan Judo black belt, known for her powerful physique and supernatural strength. Sheena has the ability to dictate the pace and the terms of a contest, making opponents work to keep up. The long wait is almost over, LFC proudly welcomes ‘The Hungarian Hurricane’ into the fold.

Fearlessly climbing into the ring against a Sheena, is Shay Lynn a fighter hailing from the streets of Detroit, Michigan. A city where it is a point-of-pride to say where you’re from. Yes, Sheena outweighs her by 40 pounds, causing concern for anyone. But not for Shay. Sometimes the will to succeed, no matter what, and the willingness to leave it all on the mat – is what it takes – to make this the ultimate underdog story.