The LFC Sturgis Experience

Live On Pay-Per-View

LFC is returning to the legendary Sturgis Buffalo Chip for shows on August 12, 13 & 14th. All three events are live streaming on PPV for one low price or free for VIP Members.

LFC Sturgis

$24.99 for all 3 PPVs

VIP Membership

$9.99 / month


event date fighters fights fans votes tokens View
Jun 1-31, 2023323249337$47.00View
Apr 1-30, 20231281361484622$446.50View
Mar 1-31, 202332322723124$1118.80View
Feb 1-28, 20231281361573107$2027.00View
Jan 1-31, 202332326123127$789.50View



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Female Strike Force

All-women virtual fight league hosting monthly bracket-style tournaments where fans can vote for their favorite fighters.