Betting against Jenny Valentine [0-0] is not the soundest of ideas. She has battled back from LFC banishment, a terrible losing streak, a suspension, and a serious back injury. However, as of late, her resume has been impressive to say the least. Her prospects are on an upside trajectory that is full of momentum. After a horrendous start in the league, it really was only a matter of time before her LFC career got on track and her abilities to shine through.

The components for MMA success have always been there, they just needed a little prodding and some things to go in her favor. Jenny’s physique and natural strength is as impressive as they come, but it can easily overstep the boundaries of the LFC. It sometimes feels like even she does not know the extent of her power or how destructive it can be.

Being tested in the cage is a certainty that fighters prepare for from day one. It’s never the case to expect things to always go your way – it’s definitely not a practical mindset to have, because it does not prepare you for when failure or adversity strike. The things that challenge a fighter outside of the cage or as a result of their actions in the cage can seem unfair at times.

The health of a fighter is a tool in itself that often goes underappreciated, until it is compromised. How can someone perform at their best if they are not able to train or move as they have always done? Jenny knows all too well what an injury does and what she had to do to get back into combat shape.

These days, Jenny is finally getting some LFC respect and is reaping the rewards. Fittingly, ‘Bloody’ Valentine is featured as the February model for the upcoming calendar and is making a run at the top-ten.

In the following Q & A segment, Jenny gives us some insight into her recovery from back injury, her thoughts on strikes to the face, her scary power, and her disdain for Tomiko Tajima [0-0].

A.C: You got off to a rough start in the LFC, but have turned things around. What do you attribute to the change?

JV: Dedication, knowing that at any point if you make the right choices and focus on training, conditioning, attitude, you can change ANYTHING around.

A.C: Is the back injury still an issue, or have you overcome that?

JV: Thank goodness… No! I was scared for a good minute and thought I was going to need surgery. I took some time off and slowly began doing small exercising and basically starting from the ground up all over again. It takes a lot of patience to overcome an injury that knocks you down completely.

A.C.: Your strength is obvious. Do you feel you have to hold back to not seriously hurt someone?

JV: ALWAYS. And it’s frustrating because I know I am capable of so much more; however, my concern for others always dominates.

A.C.: There is definitely a rivalry between you and Tomiko Tajima [0-0]. Any thoughts on that?

JV: Tomiko is something else! The fact that she likes to cheat and play dirty from the get go, shows that she is threatened by me. Of course, I am not going to be a doormat and just allow it. I still end up winning, and I am confident that I will continue to win any future matches with her. Don’t mess with Karma … it always prevails :)

A.C: Were those illegal kicks you traded with Tomiko as painful as they were to watch?

JV: To be honest, I had enough adrenaline going through me with anger, that I felt it but didn’t let it hold me back from doing what I needed to do.

A.C.: Are there plans for you to match up against anyone for the next event?

JV: Not as of yet, but I definitely would like an opponent who doesn’t cheat!

A.C.: Are you training normally, considering the restrictions in some areas?

JV: Yes, I go running every day and workout in my backyard. There are no excuses. Not even Covid.

A.C.: Do you wish the LFC allowed strikes to the face?

JV: No, I am not a fan of strikes to the face. I enjoy using my power with submissions, not strikes.

A.C: Are you working on adding any new moves to add to your already impressive game?

JV: Well, I definitely like to learn new and innovative holds that are not usually seen. I never want to be a “predictable” opponent. Thanks goes to my Catch Wrestling Coach Raul Ramirez, he has helped me with this. However, it would be nice if he was loyal and just trained me instead of other LFC girls such as Tomiko herself!!!

A.C.: Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

JV: Yes! I want to say THANK YOU for continuously being supportive!!! My Motivation comes from ALL of YOU!!! XOXOX

Thanks for reading, -A.C. Mann