This week’s featured fighter is Holly Mei [0-0]. Hailing from San Diego, Mei arrived with an impressive 15-2 record and was thrust into a title bout with the legendary Feather Hadden [0-0] at LFC19 [0-0]. She lost that fight and another to MaiNe Morgan [0-0] at LFC20 [0-0] before finally picking up her first LFC win at LFC21 [0-0]. Mei had joined LFC to avenge her little sister Helen Mei [0-0] who was forced to retire after sustaining facial injuries at LFC18 [0-0] in a bout with Suzanne Nakata [0-0] but Nakata left the sport before Holly could fight her. Mei is easily the LFC’s most versatile member, having fought for the pink team and the black team. She’s worked as an assistant coach and was named the interim LFC Prez earlier this year when Maxine Frost [0-0] was relieved of her duties. In her new role, Mei presided over 4 events (LFC26 [0-0] to LFC29 [0-0]) where she levelled more suspensions than any Prez in LFC history. While she enjoyed the position she has served notice that she will be stepping down at the next event so she can return to fighting.