Lingerie Fighting Championships (LFC) – a form of MMA that is popular in America – has now arrived in Sardinia, Italy, where Angelica Ko [0-0] is set to become the first Sardinian to cross the ocean to go to Las Vegas to fight.

With the addition of lingerie, the LFC is MMA at its core. However, there are special rules to protect the fighters from facial injuries because many are models who cannot afford to show up for work with their faces disfigured.

“I was recruited by the LFC as part of their European expansion before all international travel was limited as a result of COVID-19. At the time, the LFC was in talks to organize a series of events in Germany and elsewhere in Europe,” says Angelica.

“Currently, I am training hard to make my LFC debut at the next event. Due to the pandemic, the date and venue are not yet determined, but I will most likely see action at the famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, where LFC will return again this summer.”

Speaking of her connections, she goes on to say, “it is clear that behind my participation there is a lot of commitment, and there is a large team who will help train me. For boxing, I am instructed by my Master, Tony Moi – he is not only my boxing coach, but is also versed kicks and other types of attacks. Tony is a real point of reference for me. Also, Daniele Arcibeni will be assisting me in getting ready for my debut.”

With more connections to speak of, she says, “in addition, I am taught by another Master, boxing legend, Paul Malignaggi. I also have the honor of being able to count on his psychological support. Paul is a multiple-times world champion, who I consider a mentor. In regard to ground fighting, which, in this era of COVID, is not easy to do, but I am personally lucky enough to be able to train safely, adhering to protocols.” Ko pauses and then continues, “I am not embarrassed in the least having to fight in underwear/lingerie. In the past, I suffered from dysmorphobia, bulimia, and obesity. Having won those battles, I now consider myself happily imperfect.”

Finally, the newest addition to the LFC says, “I am proud to bring Italy and Sardinia to Las Vegas and to America, and I will enter the ring or cage with an outfit designed in the colors of the flags that I always carry in my heart. Returning empty-handed is not an option for me. The goal is to take home a beautiful belt for my land.”

All the events of LFC are handled by more than 2,000 cable and satellite systems around the world. In the United States, we are on all major systems, including AT&T, Brighthouse, Comcast, Cox, DirecTV, Dish, In Demand, Shaw, TimeWarner, and Verizon. We also broadcast in Latin American countries through the Claxson platform.

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