Wrapping up our look at featured fighter – and current LFC Champion – Andreea Vladoi [0-0], we look ahead at what’s next for the ‘The Storm’ and who her most likely future opponents are. It goes without saying that everyone will want a shot at the Champ but who deserves it most? Roxy Michaels [0-0] will no doubt be eager to win the belt back after it was stripped from her for refusing to defend it during what turned out to be a very busy year for Michaels. And it goes without saying that Shay Mazzato [0-0] would like a re-match after wearing the belt for just 25 hours (a MMA record). Vladoi herself has said she would love to fight the undefeated Cali Cat [0-0] but with Cat moving to South America that seems unlikely. Perhaps the fight insiders and fans are most hoping for would be a fourth bout with Jolene Hexx [0-0] with the winner taking both belts. Whoever gets the nod will have their hands full with Vladoi who is brimming with confidence as the new LFC Champ and settling in for what she hopes will be a long reign.