Wrapping up our look at featured fighter Holly Mei [0-0], we look ahead at what’s next for The Lotus and who her most likely future opponents are. After an incident at LFC27 [0-0] where Jolene Hexx [0-0] shoved the unsuspecting Prez to the ground during a between rounds melee, the pair have been on a collision course. Mei handed Hexx a 2 event suspension for the assault but Hexx found a way around the ban when a new fighter challenged an audience member to a fight at LFC28 [0-0] (Hexx answered the challenge and stripped down to her panties and pasties in an apparent jab at Mei). Then at LFC29 [0-0] the two nearly came to blows when Hexx crashed Mei’s in-ring interview, prompting the interim Prez to announce that she would be relinquishing her position in order to return to fighting and immediately called out Hexx.