Wrapping up our look at featured fighter Jolene Hexx [0-0], we look ahead at what’s next for The Valkyrie and who her most likely future opponents are. Hexx is eager for a title shot and would love another fight with current champ Andreea Vladoi [0-0] but the two have already fought 3 times with Hexx earning 2 wins and a draw so a fourth fight may seem like too much of a good thing for the LFC matchmakers. Hexx could find herself fighting Jessie Santos [0-0] instead who is ranked just one spot above her in the LFC’s Top Ten Fighter List. Another possibility is a rematch with Monica Garcia [0-0] who enraged Hexx so badly at LFC27 [0-0] she lost her cool and assaulted interim Prez Holly Mei. Which leads us to her most likely next opponent, Holly Mei [0-0], who suspended Hexx 2 events for the assault and has vowed to step down as LFC Prez in order to fight Hexx and one has to assume her last act would be to create the desired match-up. So if Hexx wants any chance at a title shot her road will likely have to go through Mei.